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Principal’s Message to Parents – 12 November 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome to another Friday!


We arrived on Monday to see the first part of the scaffolding up over the residential areas of school. It is remarkably unobtrusive and the first week's work has gone ahead very much according to plan.


If you are joining us for Parents Day on the 20th November, you will of course get to see this, along with some of the other developments in school. We are delighted to be able to host parents day in person, as we are aware that many schools are still having remote parents' evenings. It will be lovely to see those of you who are able to come, in person. Our new booking in system for parents' day went live this morning and lots of you have already signed up for appointments. Thank you to Philip Chandler and Catherine Ingram for working to get this set up.


As shared in the information about the day, some of the meetings will be based in the hall. You should notice a big change in there and can I politely request that you don’t go in there in high heels so that the floor can be protected!


This week was OT week- we have spent the week celebrating through lots of activities guided by our Occupational Therapy team. There is an attachment to this email, with lots of lovely photos.

This week we have also begun activities around anti-bullying week. As I have mentioned before, some of our children are still struggling to adjust to having more time with their friends, particularly during break and lunchtimes. We are extending the official anti bullying week over 3 weeks so that we can really focus on the issues and how we can resolve them.


I should also introduce Sharon Bond, who joins us in school in a new role as ‘Mental Health Practitioner’. Sharon comes with a wealth of experience and we will share more about how this role will work across school over the next weeks.


DHS Novel Writing Challenge


November is the National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo, and some of our students are celebrating it by taking part in the Dawn House School Novel Writing Challenge. Students are very enthusiastic and have already brainstormed great ideas and made first drafts of their novels - it's so great to see them so excited about writing! Please do ask them about it at home. We will reward the winners in our Christmas Assembly on the 17th December. 


No Pens Day Wednesday


No Pens Day Wednesday is an annual day of spoken language activities that takes place in all schools across the country. This year it is taking place on the 24th

November 2021 and our school is also taking part - you can find some more information here: https://ican.org.uk/no-pens-day-wednesday/.


Spoken language skills are key to learning to read and write, managing and being able to express own emotions, developing and maintaining friendships, and entering employment. During the Day, our students will follow their usual timetable but will engage in a range of oracy activities helping them to celebrate and develop their communicate.


Friends of Dawn House


Next Thursday we have the Bags2school collection. Please have that final wardrobe clear out and send in your unwanted clothes, shoes, linen ready for collection. We’re hoping to break the record from last time!


Raffle tickets are now on sale and will be coming home with your children next week. Please sell to friends and family and let us know if you would like any more! There are already some amazing prizes and the draw will be on the last day of term.


We had a visit this week from the Edwinstowe and the Dukeries Lions Club. They brought into school books, toys and games that they purchased for us from the Amazon wish list! How great is that?! We shared lots of information about the school and I’m sure we’ll be seeing them again!


We will be adding to the list over the next weeks so please do have a look.


I wish you all a good weekend,




Please remember to use the covidreporting@dawnhouse-ican.notts.sch.uk if there is any Covid news to report.

Don’t forget the ‘Handle with Care’ email system too - this flags up quickly to form tutors that your child has had a tricky start to the day and helps us support them.