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Principal’s message to parents – 17th December 2021

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Principal’s message to parents – 17th December 2021

Dear Parents and carers,

Welcome to the last parentmail of the year! (I hope!)

You will receive the link to the Christmas show sometime today, so watch out for it!

I will ask that you do check your parentmail over the holidays as this will be the way in which we communicate with you about any changes for January. Anything urgent we will share by text message but will use parentmail for more routine information.

At this point, we expect to be returning on Tuesday 4th January. Please complete and return the LFT (Lateral Flow Test) consent form (even if you did so last time we need an updated form) so that we can perform the LFTs on all children we are able to on their first day back in school. Staff will all also be testing in advance of their return to school and then we will all continue to test twice weekly.

Masks will continue to be worn when in school, in just the same way as they are now.

Lets enjoy Christmas safely and watch this space.

Friends of Dawn House

The raffle has been drawn! I can’t tell you who won as they don’t all know yet, but thank you for entering, well done if you won and better luck next time if you didn’t! Thank you too for all of the very kind prize donations, we had a great selection this year.

Safeguarding update

Peer on Peer Abuse

All our pupils in school are vulnerable to abuse within school and externally so we all have a pivotal role in noticing and reporting any concerns no matter how insignificant we might feel them to be.  We are working on bullying across the school and really focussing on name calling. Name calling can have such damaging impact on pupils so we do need to be vigilant. Staff in school will be reminding children that this is not acceptable and will report it to the form tutor. The form tutor will then be informing parents/carers so that you are aware. The firm message is that we should all call each other by our actual names.


Please do get in touch if you have any questions and thank you for helping us to keep all of your children safe.





A Christmas thought.


There is a lot of pressure isn’t there, at Christmas, for children to ‘be good’? ‘You’d better be good in case Santa is watching’ ‘Santa won’t come if you aren’t good’, ‘Have you been good this year?’.

This pressure increases as we near Christmas, for us as adults as well as for our children. Shopping to do, turkey to cook, presents to deliver and that’s without being mid- pandemic.

We probably all hold a ‘core’ belief that we have to do everything better at Christmas. This sometimes leads to disproportionate reactions, family fall outs, harsh words, children’s meltdowns.

Its helpful to be mindful of all of these things as we approach the big day, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.


Next term heads up


Look out for news about the DHS Readathon (for all of you, your children and DHS staff) which will take place in January!


We look forward to seeing you all in 2022,


Have a lovely break and I wish you all a happy and healthy new year.





Notifying the school in the event of Covid-19 symptoms, pending test results or testing positive for Covid

Parents/carers should notify the school via this email address only Covidreporting@dawnhouse-ican.notts.sch.uk - This ensures we are able to deal swiftly, methodically and efficiently with an action plan. 


If your child leaves home in the morning a little unsettled and you want to quickly tell us, so we know to expect a tricky start to the day, a quick email (that we can follow up later) to the tutor and/or core team with ‘Handle with Care’ in the email title will ensure that we