Dawn House School

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Our Mission, Ethos and Values

Our vision

At Dawn House School we collaborate to break down barriers to learning and personal development. Our aspirational environment supports pupils to actively participate and work towards successful futures. By developing pupils’ communication skills, confidence and resilience we prepare them for life beyond our school gates.  


Engage Develop Communicate Aspire 



Mission Statement


At Dawn House we provide an inclusive, innovative and collaborative learning experience.


We provide all pupils with the opportunity to thrive and to gain the knowledge skills and values that will enable them to meet their full potential.


Recognising that all of our pupils are individuals we ensure a holistic and personalised approach to break down the barriers to learning and develop independence and social skills


Ethos, culture and values


At Dawn House:

  • We have a caring, inclusive and safe environment where all pupils, parents and staff feel valued
  • Motivated and happy pupils who have an excellent quality of experience with high expectations. We provide a stimulating and creative learning environment where pupils feel safe to take risks
  • Opportunities for pupils to have meaningful experiences and are supported and encouraged to make informed choices
  • Mutual respect is an expectation within the school and older pupils and staff are expected to lead by example
  • Pupils have a voice and are given the opportunity to be part of decision making processes that affect them and the school
  • Pupils, staff and families work together effectively recognising the value of all contributions in achieving excellent outcomes for all
  • Our pupils take an active role in their community, in and out of school, and are supported to become aware of and understand the wider world and their place in it
  • We have a commitment to providing a learning environment for our staff too, constantly developing our highly specialist staff team in order to best meet the complex needs of our young people
  • Staff, governors and I CAN are committed to enabling every pupil to achieve success personally, educationally, emotionally and socially