Dawn House School

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School Council

The Student Council at Dawn House School provides an additional forum for pupils to have a voice and be heard raising issues that affect their time whilst at school.


In September class groups elect their own representative to the Student Council.  The student council representatives can then put themselves forward to be elected to the school governing body.  The student governor will be elected during a special whole school election assembly. The election provides opportunities to deliver learning around democracy and British values, it also serves to develop self esteem and build confidence.  The Student Council aims to meet each half term and representatives are supported by familiar adults.


Previous Student Council projects have included food tasting with the chef to develop a new school menu, anti- bullying awareness raising including a competition to design posters to be displayed around the school, and providing feedback for activities and play equipment to use at break and lunchtimes.  The senior leaders will at times wish to consult with pupils and will do this through the Student Council