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Careers and Employability

At Dawn House School we aim to ensure our pupils have the best opportunity of finding meaningful employment and enter adulthood as independently as possible. We provide a relevant and engaging careers curriculum that is tailored accordingly to meet the various needs and aspirations of all students. We work alongside relevant organisations and local employers to provide our pupils with knowledge and experiences to support them in their adult life. Careers and employability at Dawn House School supports the development of personal and social skills as well as key employability skills that students will need for the world of work.


At our Dawn House School our aim is for each individual to transition from us with the skills and tools needed to move on to their next steps. Our curriculum is highly personalised and focuses on supporting students to become more independent in all aspects of their lives.

As part of our careers provision students are given the opportunity to engage in work experience placements, visits to other education and training establishments to to raise awareness and understanding of what opportunities are available to them.


Careers Guidance:

Dawn House School have an external Employability and Careers to provide one-to-one Careers guidance to pupils in Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13. The aims of the guidance offer are as follows:


  • To offer every Y9 - Y13 pupil the opportunity to explore their strengths and learn about the opportunities available around their preferred pathway.
  • To include Parents/Carers by sharing transition and actions plans and inviting them to information sessions.
  • Staff CPD on pathways, opportunities, progression and current labour market information.
  • Liaison with employers/FE and other specialist providers to ensure the aspirations of pupils at Dawn House School are met and they can learn more about work-based pathways in addition to FE/other specialist providers.


Our Careers Guidance is currently provided by the Direct Education Business Partnership (DEBP). They attend one-day a week to work with our pupils. More information regarding the DEBP can be found on their website: ​www.debp.org.


Our careers lead is Ben Norman (Deputy Principal) who can be contacted at: ben.norman@dawnhouse.org.uk

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