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Primary 2

Within the Primary 2 class at Dawn House we cater for pupils across Key Stage 2. Our team of experienced staff work closely together to create a happy and nurturing environment where children settle quickly, are valued as individuals, but are also encouraged to develop the skills to become confident and successful members of the school community.


We work within the structure of the National Curriculum, providing experiences that reflect a whole range of learning styles and abilities. In the core subjects of Numeracy and Literacy children are taught according to their needs and undertake national testing where appropriate. Foundation subjects are taught using a thematic approach where, for example History and Geography meet Art, Design Technology and Computing. The approach makes learning more interesting and enjoyable through a wide range of different experiences. Teaching and Learning is backed up with regular monitoring and assessment, to ensure children move forward and reach their full potential.


Pupils within the Primary 2 class have their own classroom in which they are based and a teacher who teaches them their core subjects. For foundation subjects they're taught by specialist subject teachers and access these lessons within the appropriate facility within the main school building. This helps to ensure that when they move up to our Key Stage 3 cohort the transition isn't such a monumental change as they already know a lot of the school staff and classrooms. 


We also offer a range of valuable learning experiences outside the classroom with regular trips to places of interest in the local area and further afield.

Primary 2 Curriculum Overview:

Primary 2 Classroom