Dawn House School

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Principal's Welcome

Our vision is to be an outstanding school providing a collaborative, child centred and innovative experience that enables our children to achieve ambitious goals and have endless opportunities.  Communication is a fundamental life skill and good communication is key to ensuring children get the best start in life. Supporting speech and language development is at the heart of everything we do at Dawn House School.  We give a voice to those that do not always have the words.


We are committed to integrating outstanding education and in-house therapy for all pupils in a highly specialist environment where their speech, language and communication needs do not prevent them from learning.  We work hard to ensure that children receive an appropriate curriculum, are happy and engaged, and partake in a range of experiences.  All of which is made possible by our hardworking and dedicated staff who work in partnership with parents to meet our children’s holistic needs.


Our 'entry to exit' curriculum ensures that throughout their school career, children are preparing for life beyond our school gates and are supported to develop strategies that help them to overcome the barriers to their learning.  We ensure that each of our pupils emerge as self-confident, independent individuals, able to manage their own learning and behaviour and equipped with the competencies, skills and strategies to take the next steps into further or higher education and the world of work.


Our students are impressive young people and we are extremely proud of their achievements and of our school.  We are always happy to welcome visitors and to share our good practice.


Jenny McConnell