Dawn House School

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One of our OT Assistants Wendy says

“It is the small steps/goals achieved by the students that make my day. The OT team is a great team to work with and all the staff are supportive throughout the school.”


 “Staff have a clear sense of pride in the school and understand their role in contributing to its continued success…… One parent stated, ‘The school is outstanding and absolutely amazing, we can now live as a normal family.’”

(Ofsted, School Short Inspection Report 12 March 2018

One of our Teaching Assistants Emma, says

“I have been privileged to meet and become friends with so many educated, kind hearted people here. The support network from my colleagues is nothing I have ever had before in any of my other jobs. We are offered so much training to make sure we can support our students and progress in our employment.”


Other Teaching Assistants say that “the approach to the health and wellbeing of our staff is second to none”, “A wonderful team to work with, everyone is supportive and connects well”.