Dawn House School

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Celebrating Success

Dawn House has a strong history of rewarding progress made by students.  When students make a special effort or go the extra mile it is important that this is recognised.   At Dawn House we reward students who make progress with their personal and social skills, academic skills, and work-based skills; all of which involve good communication.  Students receive certificates and special mentions in assemblies; for their attendance; by being chosen for a tutor award each half term; by being selected as star of the week.


Dawn House School recently launched its House System. This system encourages students to work together, to take pride in what they do for themselves, for their houses and for their school. It helps students to identify themselves in the wider context of school and to take ownership of their valuable contributions within it.  Rewards from the house system come in different forms including; being invited to reward activities,  gift style rewards or praise based rewards.  Most importantly rewards are presented to raise self-esteem, increase belief in oneself and to encourage an ICAN attitude.