Dawn House School

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We love to receive feedback from parents about what it is that the school does best! 


From a parent:


Today I asked my child how his day was and he went on to tell me:


I was playing on the climbing frame in the playground, I put my leg in the hole and I almost fell down. So I hurt my leg.


You can see that he meant that he surely fell down but instead he said almost.  This is the most descriptive sentence I have ever got out of him when asked how was your day.


From a parent following a tour of the school:


Thank you very much for the tour today.  I was absolutely blown away by the total communication and sensory environment that Dawn House provides. You provide everything that my son has needed for many years. I have seen many special schools over the years but your school is the only one that I can see my son fits in and could see how his needs would be met.