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Enterprise Initiative - Spider Productions

Spider Productions is a real-world initiative for sixth form students set up for the Creative Industries course, to give students a genuine experience of the world of work.  The enterprise is focused on music, film, and photography. 

Students produce their own music CDs, photographs and  art works and sell them in school, learning how to run the business side of the enterprise, issuing invoices, and collecting monies. 


Students have also been very productive and involved in fund -raising for school and have helped to raise money towards the new pool cover with sales of their CDs, and a books, video games and DVD stall. 

New Album for Sale !


6th Form Enterprise "Spider Productions" CD Volume 3


15 tracks featuring artists from across school


 £5 each and available on CD or USB data stick


Payment and order via Weduc please

Students have designed a logo for the enterprise. 

Spider Productions Album Poster