Dawn House School

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Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapy is embedded in learning at Dawn House.


Our speech and language therapists and teachers work closely together to plan, review and evaluate lessons so that they meet curriculum learning objectives and are tailored to the language, social and educational aims for each pupil.


This collaborative curriculum-based approach ensures that the pupil’s speech and language targets and strategies are embedded in their learning across a range of settings in the school. 


Teachers and therapists use shared planning and recording based on the pupils’ Education, Health and Care Plans. It’s an approach which means that the pupils have better access to the curriculum and improves their skill development.


For pupils who need more specific focused work to develop their speech and language skills, individual or small group sessions are timetabled during the school day.


We use Makaton to support children’s learning and we encourage the use of symbols to help our pupils develop spoken and written expression.