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Online Safety and Guidance

Children regularly use different websites and apps from their parents, and it can be hard to keep up in this ever-changing digital world.


But the things that help keep children safe online are often similar to the things that keep them safe offline.


  • Half of ten-year olds now own their own smartphone (Ofcom 2019)
  • 70% of 12-15-year olds now have a social media profile, with Snapchat being the most prominent platform in this age group (Ofcom 2019)
  • Children aged 5-15 now spend over 14 hours a week online, just over two hours a day (Ofcom 2019)


Watch the video below to find out how to protect children in the digital world, how to report harmful content and to develop skills for healthy screen time.

Talk about what they think is normal online and what behaviour to expect from others and from themselves.


Encourage them to think critically and question what they see online. Talk to them about where they go to get information they trust, talk about fake news, fake followers and scams. Help them develop a healthy suspicion of whether people are who they say they are. 


Share your knowledge and experience of relationships. For example, sometimes people seem nice at first and then they turn out to be mean. Let them know that you know this, they can talk to you about it. And that you won’t panic or punish them if they do.


Show them how to report any worrying behaviour they see online – for example through Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command or the Internet Watch Foundation.


We are helping prepare our children for their futures if we help them go online safely and responsibly. Many people worry about amounts of screen time, but there can be lots of positives about what your child is doing online – entertainment, keeping in touch with friends and researching – so quality screen time is what’s important.

The links below provide additional guidance and support relating to online safety:


Internet Matters

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Should you require any support or somebody to discuss concerns regarding then please contact school and ask to speak to a member of our wellbeing team.