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Construction studies is a vocational course which enables students to develop key life skills for working in a variety of jobs associated with the building industry. This includes technical and professional skills as well as soft skills e.g. teamwork, problem solving and particularly the ability to communicate effectively. In this way they develop their confidence and self- awareness so that they are better able to succeed in the workplace. Students will engage in activities which promote personal concentration and contemplation, as well as paired and teamwork. Students will have opportunities to lead on activities or to take instruction from others. They will learn about appropriate behaviour when working with the public and with employers.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in off-site visits to facilities which support the building industry e.g. DIY shops/ builders’ merchants, where they will carry out activities relevant and key to the job. Our curriculum aims to enable our pupils to widen their view of the workforce in society, increase their self-confidence in their ability to be a part of the workforce and maximise their opportunities to experience the wider world beyond school. We aim to help students aspire to be involved in the workplace as an employee or an entrepreneur, to build on their independence and support them in becoming ready for life beyond Dawn House School.