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Key Stage 3

At Dawn House School the curriculum is tailored to suit each individual young person’s needs. We have high expectations of all our young people . Pupils enjoy their school lives, achieve great things and exceed expectations both academically and vocationally.


During Key Stage 3 we follow the National Curriculum structure using a curriculum which allows each pupil to thrive in a safe and secure environment, enabling them to fulfil their full potential. This is achieved through a varied and diverse curriculum designed to develop pupils knowledge, independence and confidence. The curriculum is regularly adapted to the needs of each child enabling them to be continually challenged.


Key Stage 3 is split into three class groups with pupils streamed based on their academic confidence levels and therapeutic needs - helping to ensure all pupils are provided with an appropriate peer group. Subjects are delivered on a 3 year rolling programme through Key Stage 3 to allow for this grouping approach to be successful. 


At Key Stage 3 pupils access a wide-ranging curriculum offer at an appropriate level and delivered by subject specialist teachers. This includes Maths, English, Science, PSHE, Art, DT, PE, History, Performing Arts, Geography, Culture, Independence and Computing. 


Pupils at Dawn House School are proud to attend our school and have a clear understanding of the opportunities available to them whether it being part of our sports teams, accessing a variety of trips and experiences or taking part in whole school productions. 

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