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Aidan Sparx Returns

Staff and pupils welcomed former student Aidan Baker to Dawn House on Friday.  Aidan has raised £1,046.50 for the school through organising a benefit wrestling show he facilitated in memory of his late granddad, Edward South.


Aidan, known as Aidan Sparx when he steps through the ropes, first came to Dawn House School aged five.  At that time his speech was profoundly impaired.  Aidan worked hard to overcome his difficulties and took full advantage of the opportunities and support on offer including evenings in the residential facility, to help with his independence and social skills.


Aidan’s initial interest in grappling came from a wrestling video his Nanna Kath picked up at a car boot sale. Grandad Ted took Aidan ringside from the age of nine.  Aidan’s trainer, the late Chris Travis, a former elite British wrestler, encouraged Aidan to channel his anger into his wrestling.  Wrestling made a remarkable difference to Aidan’s confidence and wellbeing and gave him focus and discipline that helped him to do well in other areas of his life.  Structure is important for Aidan and with support he has established routines which help him to effectively navigate his journey through life. Aidan, now aged 26, volunteers at the Samaritan’s Charity Shop and continues to access specialist support whilst living independently.


The wrestling event took place at Pursuit Pro Wrestling in Sheffield.  In the final event, Sparx fought Nottingham based Stixx (Paul Grint) - who has dominated the heavyweight scene for some time and has won international championships.  Spectators sat transfixed as Stixx immediately grabbed hold of the lighter wrestler and threw him all over the ring.  Stixx was rightly jeered by an animated crowd - who taunted any wrestler who displeased them or hurt their heroes through foul means.  The officials also received short thrift.  The resilient Sparx began to turn the tables on his muscular nemesis as the bigger man began to tire and at the end of the fight, it was Sparx who held the belt aloft for his cheering fans.


Aidan has had a challenging journey so far and his future will certainly throw up new challenges.  In the same way that he overcomes opponents in the ring, he works hard and is determined to overcome any difficulties that may emerge.  Ted, without a doubt, will be very proud of his grandson and would have enjoyed every minute of the show.