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Celebrating OT Week

Dawn House School have had a great week celebrating occupational therapy through engaging in a range of self-regulating activities:


Mindfulness Monday - class body scan

Zones of Regulation Tuesday - creating a visual zones of regulation classroom board

Work it Wednesday - A movement-based game

Thinking Thursday - Sharing and drawing green activities

Feet up Friday - Mindfulness colouring


It has been fantastic to see students sharing with their peers their sensory preferences in the classroom, relaxing together whilst engaging in a body scan and hearing discussions about what activities in and out of school support them to feel green/just right.


It is a pleasure to share with you feedback about OT from some of our students:


“Everything about OT makes me feel green.”


“Doing OT makes me happy, and I love squashing.”


“Going on the swing in the sensory integration room makes me feel green.”


“I am enjoying learning about how my body is going to change when I am a grown-up.”