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Mum and Son's Skydive for Dawn House

When Helen contacted Dawn House School to ask if we minded her doing a skydive for school, we jumped at the chance (excuse the pun). 


Helen said "Call me insane but my eldest son, Jack and I are going to do a skydive. We thought that if we are going to throw ourselves out of a plane that we may as well raise money to benefit Dawn House School! 


I’ve done a tandem jump before for charity (albeit 20 years ago) and it was exhilarating, so when Jack said he wanted to do it, I of course jumped up in excitement as I’ve wanted to do it again ever since. Plus I would be an awful mum if I didn’t jump with him in a show of solidarity!"


Weather permitting the brave pair will be jumping on the 23rd August. If you would like to pledge your support, please visit GoFundMe.