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Red Weather Warning

Due to the red weather warning issued for Monday and Tuesday this week we are putting the following measures in place:
  • Children can come to school in alternative clothes to school uniform if you think they will be cooler, as long as clothes are appropriate for school.
  • We ask that they have sun cream applied and bring it with them to school- but do not plan for them to spend time in the sun outside
  • All children should bring a water bottle and we will encourage them to fill them up regularly. Hats/caps are also advisable.
  • Alternative indoor breaktimes/lunchtime activities will be arranged
  • We will re-locate some lessons from some of the warmer classrooms in school 
  • There will be fans available and these will go to the warmer areas in school
  •  Non essential trips off site have been cancelled
  • Care plans will be updated for any children at specific risk in the heat and information will be shared with relevant staff as early as possible.
Hopefully with these measures in place the days will go smoothly.
However, if you are concerned about your child's journey to school or any aspect of how they will cope in the heat at school, please make a sensible decision and let us know, in the usual way, if they will not be attending school. There will be no issue if you decide to keep your child at home and the absence will be marked as authorised.
We will monitor the situation in school and further advice and will update with any changes necessary for Tuesday.