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Sports Day 2021

We have a sports day every year at Dawn House School, but this year had an added incentive.....The new House System! As pupils attempted each activity, they were doing it for house points for Elm, Birch, Pine or Oak. 


There was an atmosphere of team work and a shared pride in all of their achievements. Despite having restrictions to the day - no visitors and no summer fair - it was a great event and finished with medals for all and congratulations to the winning House.........Birch! 


Pupils (and staff, of course) took part in a wide range of activities:


  1. Tennis targets (Hit the ball over the net and land in the hoops positioned on the floor)
  2. Football targets (Shots from different positions - as many goals as possible in set time)
  3. 50 metre sprint 
  4. Throwing hoops over cones from different distances
  5. Javelin throws
  6. Throwing at cricket wickets (as many hits as possible in set time)
  7. Basketball shots 
  8. Football golf (closest to the cone)
  9. Bowling
  10. Relay races - (only event to be completed in houses)